Shazam is Transforming Into A Villain (But He Doesn't Know It)

In Future State, fans got a glimpse of the dark fate that awaited Shazam, and now in Shazam #3, they can see where it all began.

Spoilers ahead for Shazam! #3

Over the past year, Shazam has had a rough go of it, and now he is, unbeknownst to even him, turning into a villain. DC’s recently concluded Future State event painted a grim picture for Shazam, and in Shazam! #3, on sale now in print and digital, readers see the start of this dark journey, all courtesy of the evil demon Neron.

When comic fans describe Shazam, they use words such as “wholesome” and “child-like.” These are apt descriptors, but recent events in Shazam’s life are pushing him to the edge. His powers are not working properly— sometimes he is able to summon the magic, other times he cannot. The unreliability of his powers is not only impacting Billy, but the rest of the Shazam family as well. Freddy, whose condition was being held in check by Shazam’s magic, is now dying. Ashamed and unable to look his foster family in the eye, Shazam has isolated himself from everyone around him, including his classmates at the Titans Academy. In the previous issue, Shazam and Nevermore, Lucifer’s son, arrive in Hell and are confronted by the demon Neron, who Shazam bested many years prior. Looking for revenge, Neron seeks to corrupt Shazam, and his dark plan begins in Shazam! #3, written by Tim Sheridan, with art by Clayton Henry, colors by Marcelo Maiolo and letters by Rob Leigh.

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