Samsung Gear 360 Tips and Tricks

Information in this article applies to the 2017 (most recent) edition of the Samsung’s Gear 360 camera.

Technically, you don’t need the Gear 360 app to use the Gear 360, but you should still download it. Aside from controlling the camera at a distance, the app lets you stitch together photos and videos on the fly. Through the app, you can also share your photos and videos directly to social media.

Since the camera captures 360-degree images, you should always use a tripod rather than holding the camera when possible. The Gear 360 comes with a small tripod attachment, but it can prove problematic in situations where you don’t have the right surface to place it on. You can find monopods that work as both a tripod for your Gear 360 and as a selfie stick for your phone. Be sure to choose one that’s height-adjustable and compact enough to comfortably tote around.

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