Rover Mechanic Simulator: A Simple and Relaxing Repair Simulator

Rover Mechanic Simulator gives players the opportunity to tinker with 4 different rovers, but the controls are difficult to deal with.

Rover Mechanic Simulator, developed by Pyramid Games S.A. and published by Ultimate Games S.A., offers a relaxing environment where players can focus on repairing different types of rovers for colonists. This simulation game has a comprehensive tutorial that slowly introduces players to each workstation and its functions. Rover Mechanic Simulator is an immersive gaming experience, like Car Mechanic Simulator, with machines that are meticulously crafted to be as accurate as possible.

In each task, players will disassemble a rover to find broken or damaged parts, then repair and reset it before sending it back to the colony. Colonist requests can be demanding and amusing, which adds to the otherwise lackluster atmosphere of being stuck inside a Mars rover repair shop. The only other sources of excitement come from the oddly included arcade games like Space Invaders, and the timed premium tasks. Unfortunately, the premium tasks aren’t much of a challenge after upgrading a few abilities.

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