RIP Wunderlist: Migrate Your To-Do Lists to Other Services Now

If you’ve been hanging onto the to-do app Wunderlist this long, I’m sorry to
say it’s time to let go. On May 6 (2020), Microsoft is finally, definitely
retiring the app for good. Like, for real this time. It’s going away
completely. Done-zo. Goners.

The app has been in a strange limbo state for five years, and until now, it made a
lot of sense for anyone who liked the app to continue using it. But now it’s
time to move on. If you haven’t switched to a different to-do list app yet, you’d better
jump on it.

The most convenient way to leave Wunderlist is
to import your existing to-do items into another app. Of course, Microsoft,
which owns Wunderlist, would be ever so pleased if you chose its app, Microsoft To Do.

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