Rich Lambert Interview: Elder Scrolls Online Gates of Oblivion

Screen Rant sat down with Elder Scrolls Online’s creative director Rich Lambert to discuss the upcoming Deadlands DLC, new features, and what’s next.

The final release in the Elder Scrolls Online Gates of Oblivion saga, the Deadlands DLC, launches later this year to complete the story of Mehrunes Dagon’s rise to power. For a year, players have experienced Blackwood and sought to uncover Mehrunes Dagon’s plans. Now, players will have the chance to confront the Daedric Prince antagonist of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion directly. The Deadlands DLC follows Waking Flame, a recently released, two-dungeon DLC with dire implications for the potential fate of Tamriel.

In addition to the DLC, which finally brings players into new parts of the Deadlands and Fargrave, ESO fans can expect several quality-of-life updates to the base game. Among these are the armory, which allows players to save and switch between builds, and a curated RNG system for item set drops so players can complete their full gear sets from dungeons and arenas.

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