Psychonauts 2: Why Raz Looks Like A Cigarette Machine To Liz

When using Clairvoyance in Psychonauts 2, players can see how NPCs perceive Raz differently. Here’s what Liz, a worker within the Motherlobe, sees.

By using Clairvoyance in Psychonauts 2, players can see the weird ways NPCs visually perceive Raz. For example, Instructor Hollis sees Raz as a hatching baby chick, symbolizing Raz has psychic abilities in Psychonauts 2 but still has much to learn. On the other hand, Lili perceives Raz as a charming prince holding a rose. However, Raz strangely appears like a cigarette machine to Liz, a random worker within the Motherlobe.

Psychonauts 2‘s story is well-known for its whacky humor, both comical and sinister. The fact that Liz sees Raz as a cigarette dispenser is certainly leaning more on the darker side of comedy in Psychonauts 2. The game undoubtedly doesn’t sheer away from bizarre or outlandish imagery – the very first level has Raz wandering through Dr. Loboto’s mind filled with uncomfortable amounts of human teeth. While the teeth explain Loboto’s aspiring profession as a dentist, perhaps Liz’s perception of Raz as a cigarette machine reveals something unique about her psyche.

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