Pokemon Journeys Synopsis Details Cynthia’s Comeback

Pokemon Journeys has revealed new details about Cynthia’s comeback to the anime with a new synopsis for the Sinnoh League Champion’s big return episode! As Ash continues to make his way up the ranks in the World Coronation Series, he has come across various strong opponents in battle. Throughout his rise in the tiers he has even faced some very prominent characters from the past such as a few Gym Leaders he has faced off against in the anime before. But as he rises up through the Ultra Class, and tries to make his way into the Master Class, he’ll be coming across some Champion level opponents as well. 

The fan favorite Sinnoh League Champion Cynthia will be making her way back to the next episode airing in Japan, and new details have arrived about her comeback to the series. As teased by the synopsis for Episode 83 of the series, airing on October 8th in Japan, she’ll be returning to the series when she bumps into Ash and Goh as the two of them are investigating a mysterious darkened sky in the Johto region. So fans hoping for a full battle between Ash and Cynthia will have to wait a bit longer. 

The synopsis for Episode 83 (as spotted by @AnipokeFandom on Twitter) reads as such, “When [Ash and Goh] learn that the sky in the [Johto] region suddenly turned pitch black and morning stopped coming, they head there to research the matter! During their research, they’re told that it seems night has permanently fallen ever since a girl named Kirara that they encountered in a park met with a mysterious Pokemon…?! [Ash and Goh] work on unraveling the mystery alongside the Sinnoh region’s Pokemon League Champion [Cynthia], who they ran into by chance at the historical remnant museum they went to for research!” 

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