Poison Ivy's New 'Queen Ivy' Form is the Ultimate Gift to DC Cosplayers

Poison Ivy had her personality split by madman Simon Saint. Now, her queen half is stepping out once again in a new, cosplay-worthy look.

Costume upgrades have been a big focus in the world of comics as of late, and Poison Ivy’s “Queen Ivy” form is getting special attention in Batman. Although this isn’t the first time fans have seen this side of her, a new look at the design’s intricacy, elegance, and overall aesthetic is one that is sure to spark its fair share of DC cosplayer recreations.

The emergence of “Queen Ivy” came when Gotham’s new resident madman, Simon Saint, experimented on Poison Ivy, causing the longtime villain (sometimes anti-hero) to endure trauma so intense she was split into two separate personalities and bodies. The first is Ivy, the embodiment of her more innocent and empathetic side; and the second is Queen Ivy, who has little regard for human life and could easily destroy the whole of Gotham if she chooses. The latter may be more hardened, ruthless, and potentially dangerous, but she still has Harley Quinn’s love… as well as a look that has the potential to be a cosplay goldmine.

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