Playing Pandemic Legacy In 2021 Was Not The Best Time

As life in Australia slowly settles back into something resembling normality—at least for now—after everything that happened in 2020, my board game crew have been finding our feet again and getting back into regular sessions. First up for 2021 was a long-overdue run through Pandemic Legacy: Season 1, which…may not have been the best idea.

Some background before we go any further, in case you don’t know what I’m talking about: Pandemic is an absolute classic board game that’s about stopping the spread of several rampaging viruses. Publishers Z-Man have released loads of versions of it over the years (I reviewed one last year), and every one of them I’ve played has been pretty good. The thing is, all the others have been designed as standalone board games, play-it-once kinda deals, but Pandemic Legacy takes the series’ fundamentals and tries very hard to spin them out into a long-running, branching campaign where your actions in each game can be as important as whether you “win” or not.

Boy, talk about bad (or very good) timing.

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