Our Favorite Cosplay From Dragon Con 2021

WELCOME BACK EVERYONE. It has been over 18 months since we were last able to run a proper cosplay showcase from a major convention, but with vaccines and Covid-safe policies in place, Dragon Con 2021 was able to take place in Atlanta last month.

It wasn’t as big as previous years, obviously, with “only” 42,000 people attending over the course of the show, which spans both the con itself as well as a big parade through the streets of downtown Atlanta (in 2019, over 80,000 people turned up).

But that’s still a remarkable figure given the circumstances, and one that in some respects even made for a better and more comfortable show for those who did make the trip, since the floors of the convention weren’t as packed as usual. It also gave cosplayers the chance to get creative with their mask use, as you’ll see in quite a few of the shots featured in this gallery.

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