Original Scream House Can Now Be Rented on Airbnb

The original home from the first Scream film is available to rent via Airbnb in a limited-time campaign to promote the franchise ahead of the sequel.

The original home used in the final act of Wes Craven’s 1996 slasher hit Scream can now be rented as accommodation on Airbnb. Though the franchise has produced three sequels to date, with a fourth due to arrive this coming January, the home from the first film has not made any repeat appearances in the series. Nonetheless, Scream fans would love the opportunity to spend a night in the place where the identities of the Ghostface killers were first revealed.

Aside from playing a major role in rejuvenating the teen slasher genre for a new generation of horror fans, Scream also managed to reclaim aspects of horror filmmaking that had long since become cliché. The teenage victim, home alone and pursued by a seemingly ubiquitous masked killer, hellbent on murdering as many teens as possible, and of course, the house party in which everyone who says I’ll be right back never returns. The film is a love letter to all ridiculous and improbable horror concepts and as the series expanded, so too did its possibilities for when and where Ghostface could strike. Still, after all these years and sequels, many Scream fans will argue that it’s tough to find a better location for terror than Stu Macher’s parent’s house in the first Scream film.

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