One Piece: Strong World Announces U.S. Premiere Ahead of 1,000th Episode

One Piece is moving at a fast pace these days, and it seems a big milestone is looming over the anime. If you did not know, the hit series is just weeks away from reaching its 1,000th episode. As you can imagine, fans all over the world are eager to celebrate the event, and Toei Animation has plans to do so stateside with a big premiere.

After all, the news has broke, and it turns out a special One Piece movie is heading to the United States. One Piece: Strong World is about to get its overdue U.S. premiere in theaters.

Now, this isn’t the first time the One Piece film has been shown in the United States. The movie first debuted in Japan in December 2009, but Funimation did not bring it to home video until November 2013. Up until this point, the movie has never been shown in theaters, but that will be changing ahead of episode 1,000. The debut will also bring out the stateside premiere of the One Piece: Mugiwara Chase featurette.

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