One Piece Explains How its Dragons Really Fly

One Piece explained how its dragons actually fly, and it’s quite a surprise! The series is now in the midst of the climax of not only the war on Onigashima, but the Wano Country arc overall, and fans are beginning to learn a lot more about the lore of the series as a whole. There had been many mysteries about Kaido and Momonosuke’s shared Dragon Devil Fruit power, and with Momo now fully unleashing a dragon form of his own, we are beginning to learn more about Kaido’s version of the dragon transformation as a surprising extra treat. 

The newest chapter of the series teams up Momo and Yamato for their own mission while Luffy is occupied with Kaido, but it had already taken everything Momo had to even get to the top of the Skull Dome in the first place. His fear of heights had kept him out of the sky so far, but when Yamato explains how dragons actually fly in this series, it ends up working in Momo’s favor as it’ll be like he’s still traveling on the ground. Dragons actually pull clouds into their claws and form little platforms to walk on, and that’s perfect for someone like Momo. 

Chapter 1027 of the series sees Yamato trying to clear the Skull Dome’s roof together with Momonosuke so that Luffy no longer has any distractions for this final fight against the Emperor. Momo hesitates to jump off the Skull Dome, and the two of them end up plummeting to the ground before Yamato tells him to grab the sky. Yamato reminds Momo that dragons don’t actually fly as one might expect, but instead grab pieces of the clouds in order to propel themselves forward. 

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