Old Deleted Scene Shows Early Hint To Movie’s Big Twist

Ahead of the release of Old on digital and Blu-ray, a deleted scene for the film has been released, giving an early hint at the story’s big twist.

A newly released deleted scene from Old would have given an early hint at the movie’s big twist had it been included in the theatrical version. M. Night Shyamalan’s Old, which is based on a graphic novel called Sandcastle, tells the story of a family who begins to age rapidly after arriving at a secluded beach for their tropical vacation. The film received mixed reviews from audiences and critics but proved a moderate success at the box office (at least by pandemic standards), having earned just over $90 million.

While the film itself may not have been as good as many Shyamalan fans were expecting, Old took on new life in meme form on various social media sites, with many gently making fun of the film’s simple and outlandish premise. After his breakout hit, The Sixth Sense, Shyamalan became known for his twist-filled movies and has very much played into this perception by making sure all of his films have at least one significant twist.

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