No One Warned Me About Hitman 2’s Cutscenes

Over the past few months, I, late to the party, have fallen head over heels for the new Hitman trilogy. Pretty much everyone I’ve spoken to, including several Kotaku colleagues, have said Hitman 2 is the best of the three, or at least the one I should play first. They did not mention how jarring the cutscenes would be.

Some background: For all intents and purposes, January’s Hitman 3 is the first Hitman game I’ve really played. (I dabbled with the Paris level from Hitman 2016 but was too young and short-sighted at the time to fully grasp its brilliance.) Once the credits rolled, I needed more. So I went through the byzantine process of transferring Hitman 2016 levels into Hitman 3 and started powering through those.

Between levels, Hitman 3 features glossy cutscenes that match the sheen of a globe-trotting spy film. Same goes for Hitman 2016. Even the scenes that don’t depict sumptuous elegance—the glamorous destinations, the over-the-top fashion—just ooze luxury.

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