No Degree? No Problem. Non-Traditional Paths Lead to Great Tech Careers

Workers with the highest digital skills (regardless of industry) earn higher wages, according to a report from Brookings. So where do you (or your child) get these skills, particularly on a budget when a four-year college degree is out of reach?

Most of us have been conditioned to assume that high school students are either on a path to college and a 'good' career or, sadly, on any other path which will lead to a 'not-so-good' career. In today's digital world, that notion is not only outdated but, in many ways, laughable.

That's because today's tech is not your father's multi-room server. Technology is everywhere, from the car to the desk to the living room to your wrist. The next decade in tech is expected to be an explosive one, with careers in areas most of us know little about, like nanotechnology, artificial brains, and retina displays.

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