Nixplay Smart Photo Frame 10.1 inch Touch review

The Nixplay Smart Photo Frame 10.1-inch Touch features the same high resolution display and sleek good looks as the company’s remote control frames.

Resolution: 1280 x 800
Dimensions: 10.55 x 7.40 x 1.53 inches
Touch screen: Yes
Wi-Fi: Yes
Remote: No
Built-in storage: 8GB (minus pre-installed software)
Motion sensor: Yes
Music player: Yes
Video: Yes
USB/SD slots: No/No
Cloud Services: Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Flickr, Google Photos

Nixplay’s Smart Photo Frame 10.1 inch Touch is a digital picture and video device that’s loaded via a dedicated iOS or Android smartphone app, your smartphone gallery, or computer. The frame facilitates a versatile operation that suits non-technical users and can draw from a number of popular online photographic and social media sources. That, plus a built-in motion sensor,  mitigates the weakness of it not accepting any physical onboard images.

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