Nintendo Retail Store Vandalized in NYC Riots

One of Nintendo’s stores in New York City is vandalized during a protest, as tensions continue to build between US law enforcement and protestors.

As tensions build across the United States, a Nintendo retail store was vandalized by rioters during a New York City protest yesterday. Sparked by the shocking murder of George Floyd at the hands of a group of Minneapolis police officers back in May, movements like Black Lives Matter have been rallying across the country in order to speak out against police brutality and racial inequality.

While most of these protests have remained peaceful and their intentions certainly noble, some of them have drawn controversy due to more hostile agents looking to either take advantage of the resulting chaos to steal valuable items or even defile the protesters’ message of social reform by attacking and vandalizing places of business. Controversial YouTube star Jake Paul was recently accused of looting during a BLM demonstration in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Twitter recently suspended a self-described Antifa account for making violent threats online, although many suspect this of being a false flag perpetrated by a racist troll looking to vilify the protests.

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