Night Court Can Be A Blueprint For How To Rehab Old Characters After #MeToo

The classic sitcom Night Court will soon receive a sequel series, and in doing so, can show how to best rehab old characters for the #MeToo era.

The upcoming Night Court sequel series can illustrate how to best rehab questionable old characters for social sensibilities in the era of #MeToo. Starring Harry Anderson as magic-loving judge Harry Stone, Night Court was a hit for NBC, running for nine seasons from 1984 to 1992. In addition to Stone, Night Court featured a variety of other colorful characters, including towering bailiff Bull (Richard Moll), intrepid public defender Christine Sullivan (Markie Post), and perhaps most famous of all, sex-obsessed prosecutor Dan Fielding, played by future star of his own show, John Larroquette.

Dan was never without a lecherous comment towards females he found attractive, and his end goal during interactions with them was usually to get them into bed. He was also fond of snarky insults towards his colleagues overall. That’s not to say Dan didn’t get rebuffed plenty of times by the characters he lusted after, particularly Christine, but arguing that his behavior on Night Court would be seen as highly inappropriate in 2021 is a massive understatement.

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