Netflix Twitter Uses Squid Game Meme to React To Facebook Being Down

In response to Facebook and Instagram being down, Netflix’s official Twitter account has shared a topical meme from its newest hit series, Squid Game.

Netflix’s official Twitter account has responded to Facebook and Instagram being down with a topical Squid Game meme. The Korean dystopian drama series has become an international smash-hit for Netflix, with CEO Ted Sarandos even projecting it to become the streamer’s most-watched show ever. Because Squid Game has become so popular, it’s also spawned a number of memes online that viewers have been using across social media.

Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp have all experienced major outages on Monday, October 4, which have yet to be fixed at the time of this article’s writing. The errors point to a larger dilemma at Facebook, which owns the other two social media platforms. Due to Facebook’s monolithic status in the online space, the outages have been a major point of discussion, especially among the company’s critics. Facebook stock has dropped since the morning of October 4.

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