NBA 2K22: The Kotaku Review

I can’t do it anymore. This is the year that NBA 2K has turned me into the Joker.

To be clear, the vulgarities of this year’s game are nothing new. There’s nothing here that will make long-time fans of the series take do a double-take with bulging cartoon eyes, or that marks NBA 2K22 as something that—highlighted in a vacuum—is uniquely guilty of. That’s the thing about straws breaking a camel’s back, though. The one that finally manages it doesn’t look too different to the straws that came before.

I’ve been reviewing this game, or at least parts of this game, for almost a decade now, and with each passing year have grown more disillusioned with the direction it has taken. It has been inching further and further away from, “Great basketball game with a broken but interesting single-player mode,” toward, “Exploitative psychological and economic trap.”

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