Nathan Fillion Praises Ryan Reynolds' Free Guy Performance

Nathan Fillion has finally seen Free Guy, and he’s shared all his (positive!) thoughts in a sweet post praising Ryan Reynolds’ performance.

Nathan Fillion shares some hearty praise for Ryan Reynolds’ Free Guy performance in a recent social media post. Back in August, Free Guy became the breakout success of the year when it debuted to glowing reviews and a better than expected opening weekend at the box office. The movie stars Reynolds as Guy, a friendly video game NPC who starts to go against his code after meeting a player from the real world, Molotov Girl (Jodie Comer). However, when his do-good attitude runs afoul of the game’s owner (Taika Waititi), Guy and Molotov Girl must team up to save the virtual world they love.

Free Guy was something of a question mark as it neared its release. As an original movie without a streaming release during the pandemic era, many expected the Shawn Levy-directed project to underperform. Instead, Free Guy has demonstrated impressively long legs to count itself among the top 5 domestic earners of 2021. Reynolds has already confirmed that Disney is interested in a sequel, further signaling that Free Guy has managed to defy expectations in a big way.

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