Naruto Cosplay Goes Viral for Perfectly Bringing Team 7 to Life

One awesome Naruto cosplay has gone viral for perfectly bringing the Team 7 line up from the original series to life! Masashi Kishimoto’s franchise has come quite a long way since it first made its debut in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine decades ago, but there are some things that have not really changed all that much. While the current iteration of the series now focuses on a new generation of shinobi, and features a much older version of the series’ original cast, there are several core tenets that have been shared between one another.

Things such as the central team dynamic have continued to be a central factor in the franchise as we have seen Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura support one another throughout the years despite their major falling out in their teenage years. But it all sparked from the connection each of them formed with one another working under Kakashi Hatake in the original series, and all sparked from them working as the original incarnation of Team 7 seen in the series. Now this original incarnation has come to life once more from a cosplay group led by @kbt_ta1 on Twitter that has gone viral for how successful they are at pulling off the look! Check it out below: 


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