My Hero Academia's Class 1-A is Headed for Disaster

In chapter 327 of My Hero Academia, class 1-A decides to put on another show for angry citizens like they did during the annual School Festival.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for My Hero Academia chapter 327!

The students of My Hero Academia‘s class 1-A somehow think it’s a good idea to try their luck at replicating the unexpected success they achieved during the School Festival by performing for the angry citizens sheltering at U.A. High. But their plan is unlikely to work, which could be a good thing for the manga.

Deku and his classmates originally come up with the idea of going above and beyond for U.A.’s annual School Festival because their peers from other departments blame them for the increased attacks against their campus and U.A.’s bolstered security that follow as a result, which has been negatively affecting their day-to-day lives. Class 1-A thinks that, as heroes in training, they need to help their classmates smile just as they will be expected to do for citizens in peril once they graduate. They eventually decide to form a band and put on a show with live dancing and crazy effects. Surprisingly, their attempt works, even reaching the most skeptical and condescending of their peers. But in chapter 327, they resolve to do something similar for the crowd of angry citizens sheltering at U.A. High from All For One.

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