My Hero Academia Cliffhanger Introduces America’s Number One Hero

My Hero Academia is about ready to take on Shigaraki once more, and there is no telling what kind of power the baddie has. After undergoing a procedure to enhance himself, the remaining pro heroes of Japan are left to bolster its forces against evil. Now, it seems like a ton of foreign pros are set to bring aid to Japan, and one of them happens to be the top hero of the United States.

The hero – or rather, the heroine – was shown to fans at the end of My Hero Academia chapter 328. The moment came after readers saw the United Nation squabble about All For One in Japan. Despite some pointed barbs, the leaders agreed to send aid as Japan’s issue with All For One would just be the first place terrorized by villains. But as it turns out, the top hero in America had already left for Japan against orders to help All Might.


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