Movies Like Men In Black That Sci-Fi Fans Need To Watch

The 1997 hit, “Men in Black,” (aka “MIB”) stars Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones as agents of the top secret title organization, which oversees extraterrestrial life forms living on Earth and makes sure their presence stays hidden from ordinary humans. Tommy Lee Jones is Agent K, a weathered MIB agent who takes on a new partner, Agent J (Will Smith), who loves breaking rules, thinking outside the box, and generally being cool. When the two of them uncover a plot to start an interplanetary war, they decide to stop it from happening and make sure that humanity is none the wiser.

“Addams Family” helmer Barry Sonnenfeld directed this first installment of the MIB franchise and Steven Spielberg produced, so “Men in Black” made a splash with its visual effects, set pieces and comedic bits. After all, who could forget Frank, the talking pug? The film was a hit as Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones proved to be the odd couple that no one knew they needed. “Men in Black” has become a sci-fi favorite, as it has all the elements audiences love: aliens, mutant creatures, and worldwide conspiracies all wrapped up in a fun and funny sci-fi buddy flick. If you love any or all of these things, check out these other sci-fi films that will be sure to hit that “Men in Black” spot (although we can’t guarantee any of them will have as catchy a theme song as the MIB).

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