Monoprice Workstream 1080p Webcam Review: Needs Some Coddling

Monoprice’s Workstream is a janky manual-focus webcam that can still look great with some work. It particularly excels in lower light conditions.

Budget webcams continue to come out even with the best webcams coming back into stock. And while it’s common to find them coming from companies you’ve never heard of, Monoprice has now expanded its Workstream brand to include a few contenders of its own. These are priced to match other budget cameras, but come from the same name that’s been making reliable generic PTZ cameras for years now. 

The Monoprice Workstream 1080p Webcam in particular aims to take that mentality and apply it to the home office instead of the boardroom. The result? This webcam’s not quite as easy to handle as more expensive contenders, but it can really shine if you know what you’re doing.

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