Moment’s lens-friendly cameraphone cases are half off

Moment, the maker of lens-friendly phone cases that can help you up your mobile photography game, is hosting a sale. Most of its cases are just $20, and if you want four for some reason, it’s $40. It offers cases for all of the top flagship models on both iOS and Android sides of the aisle. This includes the iPhone (dating back to the iPhone 6) as well as Android phones from Samsung’s Galaxy S series, Google’s Pixel, and OnePlus’ lineup of devices.

The selection of cases varies depending on the phone you have. Typically, more popular phones have a wider batch of cases available. For instance, the iPhone 11 has Moment’s standard case with a wood pattern available, along with a thin case, and a biodegradable option. Each is $20. Older iPhones, like the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 (along with their larger counterparts) can get in on a $20 battery case that has a shutter hardware button along the side. The Pixel 4, on the other hand, has only Moment’s standard wood-patterned case available for the sale price.

The main driver for picking up one of these cases is to also get one of Moment’s lenses that you can easily fix onto it. These aren’t hugely discounted, but considering the price cut on the case, you’ll save a decent amount of money altogether. You can pick up a two-pack of lenses (ranging from macro, wide-angle, fish-eye, and telephoto) for your new case for around $200. If you shoot primarily with your phone, it might not be bad to consider this option. It’s worth noting that Moment has ended development on its Pro Camera app for Android, though it will continue to work as is.

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