Midnight Mass: Biggest Unanswered Questions, Plot-Holes & Head-Scratchers

Netflix’s limited series Midnight Mass delivered many surprising twists and turns, but creator Mike Flanagan left a few mysteries unanswered.

Mike Flanagan’s limited series Midnight Mass on Netflix explored many philosophical questions, while leaving several head-scratchers unanswered. The seven-episode horror mystery set itself in an isolated fishing community on an island with less than 200 residents. When a mysterious new pastor came to town and strange events began to unfold, residents seemed content to dismiss the happenings as miracles of God — so much so that when eventual hell broke loose, there were far too few willing to stop it.

Flanagan and producing partner Trevor Macy signed an overall deal with Netflix following the success of The Haunting of Hill House, and it’s an investment that appears to be paying off for the streaming giant. Midnight Mass confidently strikes a contradictory balance of being both a tightly woven narrative with little padding while at the same time managing to find real estate for profound – and unabridged – conversations about existence. The pair are steadily amassing a portfolio of chilling and mind-bending thrillers, and this might be their best one yet.

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