MHA's All Might Gets His Own Alex Ross-Like Cover in Gorgeous Fan Art

My Hero Academia’s All Might stars in an incredible tribute piece of fan art to the iconic series – which resembles Alex Ross’ work!

Warning! Potential spoilers for My Hero Academia below!

A stunning piece of fan art showcases All Might from My Hero Academia’s amazing heroism while paying tribute to the series in newly imagined comic book form. Artist @Ninesicks shared his incredible fan-made comic book cover for an All Might series, which captures the hero’s selfless attitude as he saves people from a burning bus. The Alex Ross-like image imagines what All Might could look like starring in Western Comics.

All Might is formerly the greatest hero in the My Hero Academia universe, whose One For One Quirk made him one of the strongest beings ever. However, it turns out All Might was injured during a battle with a supervillain, which forced him to ration the time he could appear as the buff hero and left him in his sickly, more human form. After seeing the Quirkless Izuku Midoriya risk his life despite being born without any abilities, All Might decides to mentor the young hero and pass his All For One Quirk down to him and help train him to become the next greatest hero on Earth.

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