Metroid Dread File Size Is Smaller Than A Call of Duty Update

Metroid Dread is almost here and understandably, folks are excited. But unless you buy a physical copy, before you can play Dread, you’ll need to download it. Luckily, Nintendo has compressed this next epic chapter in the Metroid saga into a teeny-tiny package. In fact, its total file size of 4.1GB is smaller than your average Call of Duty update.

This information comes via the official Nintendo store page for the upcoming Metroid Dread, and was spotted by various outlets and users online. Over on the page, Nintendo lists the total file size for the game as an astoundingly small 4.1GB. That’s everything. The entire game. All compressed and squished down to an itty-bitty size, like Samus in her morph ball form. In comparison, some past updates for Call of Duty Warzone have exceeded 10GB alone. Some have even hit 20GB or more. And Call of Duty isn’t the only franchise with massive updates. Red Dead Online has seen 5GB+ updates in the past year or so, and Cyberpunk 2077 got a 16GB patch in early 2021.

That’s just the size of some updates for these games. The total size of installed games is also getting out of hand, as we’ve covered in the past. Your average Call of Duty now takes up a huge amount of space on your HDD or SSD. Big games like The Last of Us, GTA Online, Destiny 2, Hitman 3, and more exceed 50GB. In some cases, they even exceed 75 or 100GB. And while some devs have tried to shrink games down a bit, it’s still ridiculous just how big some games have gotten.

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