Mephisto Hints Which Future is Marvel's Actual Sacred Timeline

As the King of Hell, Mephisto is one of Marvel’s most powerful villains, but even he is powerless to stop the future of Marvel’s Sacred Timeline.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Amazing Spider-Man #74

As one of the greatest sources of evil in the Marvel Comics universe, the demon Mephisto has access to all sorts of secrets the likes of which would bring other characters to their knees – including the truth about the Marvel Universe’s real Sacred Timeline and what it means for his fascination with Spider-Man. Alternate futures are ever-present in comics, but the Marvel Universe’s one true future has always remained nebulous. Now, readers may have finally gotten some confirmation on which fan-favorite timeline is canon.

This revelation comes from the pages of The Amazing Spider-Man #74 by Nick Spencer, Mark Bagley, and more as Spencer wraps up his three-year saga with the world-famous Webslinger. But just because Spencer is done with the Spider-Man doesn’t mean Mephisto is. And the devil’s interest is never a good thing.

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