Maybe Your ‘Pile Of Shame’ Is A Problem

Because everything has gone to shit and very few new games are coming out—look at you, you’re all playing Outriders for God’s sake—we’re going to be spending the month looking at backlogs, aka the games we own but haven’t played. And I would like to start that month by saying that anyone using the closely-related term “pile of shame” has a problem.

April’s pretty thin as far as new game releases go. So we at Kotaku are taking the moment to focus…

It’s so weird to me that, aside from presenting a logistical challenge, a “pile of shame”—aka a huge stack of games you’ve bought but never played—often holds this kind of perverse, cherished place in people’s hearts. As though the presence of a pile of unplayed video games is something to be proud of, instead of literally ashamed of. Oh, look at all these video games I paid for and haven’t played, aren’t there so many of them and they’re all so excellent, haha, I just keep buying them, what ever shall I do.

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