Marvel’s What If? Reveals New Episode Poster Featuring Gamora

Marvel Studios and Disney+ have released a new poster for this week’s Marvel’s What If…? finale featuring Gamora. This Gamora appears to have taken over the mantle of her adoptive father, Thanos, wearing a version of his armor. Interestingly, the poster is introducing a new character into the mix since the penultimate episode of the season ended on a cliffhanger as it began to tie various threads from previous episodes together. That’s because an Ultron from a timeline where the Avengers lost gained awareness of the multiverse. Ultron then took the fight to the Watcher, forcing him to do more than watch.

As for what comes next, fans will have to wait until Wednesday to find out for sure, but it seems likely that the Watcher will have to assemble the Guardians of the Multiverse to stop Ultron’s conquest of all realities.

And there’s still the second season to consider. Character designer Paul Lasaine recently hinted at would be coming when the animated series returns for its second outing.

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