Marvel's NEW WARRIORS Assemble in New First Issue Covers

The New Warriors are back, but after some controversy, these new variant covers spotlight the old guard of the New Warriors.

Marvel is pushing ahead with its controversial relaunch of the New Warriors title. The publisher has released four different variants of the first issue cover, with two from Luciano Vecchio and Declan Shalvey, and two from New Warriors co-creator Mark Bagley.

All of the variant covers spotlight the traditional team roster. Perhaps the most interesting cover shows the character designs of the original team’s roster, with Bagley’s notes on each character included. There’s even a note that reads “Okay – so I’m not a great inker – so sue me.” The second Bagley variant showcases the original team – consisting of Firestar, Nova, Night Thrasher, Namoirta, Speedball, and Marvel Boy – in a more traditional pose. Declan Shalvey’s version showcases undead versions of Justice, Marvel Boy, Namoirta and Firestar because of course there’s a Marvel Zombies version. Finally, Luciano Vecchio showcases the entire team, but once again, the emphasis is mainly on the team’s original core members.

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