Marvel's Ghost Rider/Sorcerer Supreme Rides Again in New Comic

In a new Marvel Infinity Comic, Kushala – a Ghost Rider and Sorcerer Supreme – returns. Combining both skillsets, she becomes a Spirit Rider.

Warning: contains a preview for Ghost Rider: Kushala #1!

Kushala, one of Marvel’s Ghost Riders and a Sorcerer Supreme, will be the focus of a new Infinity Comic. This time, unlike her last appearance in the comics, instead of going after a spirit of vengeance, she is becoming a target.

Previously, in the Spirits of Vengeance: Spirit Rider #1 one-shot, Kushala – the Sorcerer Supreme of the 1800s – was recruited by Doctor Strange to help Johnny Blaze vanquish his demons. She entered his spirit – an ability that is stronger than Doctor Strange’s astral projection – and helped him face the ills his soul was struggling with. Now she’s back for a new adventure.

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