Marvel Rewrites an Important X-Men Scene

Marvel Comics has rewritten what may be one of the most critical moments in X-Men history. Spoilers follow for Inferno #1 by Jonathan Hickman, Valerio Schti, David Curiel, Joe Sabino, and Tom Mueller. The moment in question isn’t the single most important from X-Men history. That honor still belongs to Moira MacTaggert sharing her memories of her past lives with Charles Xavier. That act set into motion events that would lead to Krakoa’s founding. However, this moment may be the one that sets fire to everything Moira, Charles, and Magneto have built. That seems especially true considering which mutant made a recent and unexpected appearance on the island.

This moment, first revealed in House of X #2, comes from Moira’s third life. In that life, she worked as a scientist to develop a cure for mutants. Mystique, Destiny, and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants were not fans of her work for obvious reasons. They attacked Moira’s Muir Island facility and destroyed her research. Destiny discovered Moira’s powers and informed Moira X that she was not truly immortal. Should she die as a child, before her mutant powers manifest, then she would be dead forever. Destiny foresaw 10 lives for Moira, maybe 11 if Moira chooses wisely. Destiny warned Moira that if she should do anything less than champion mutants in her future lives, then Destiny would find and kill her again. Destiny then had Pyro burn Moira alive, a memory Moira carried into her subsequent lives.

This death has, presumably, been why Moira has barred the Quiet Council of Krakoa from resurrecting Destiny or any other precognitive mutants. But Inferno #1 presents that scene again with some altered dialog and an extra page.

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