Marvel Reveals Thor’s Hammer Is Missing

Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, has gone missing. Spoilers follow for Thor #17 by Donny Cates, Michele Bandini, Matthew Wilson, and Joe Sabino. Captain America has his shield in the Marvel universe. Iron Man has his armor, and Thor has his hammer, Mjolnir. Only those who are worthy can lift the God of Thunder’s mighty mallet. However, Thor’s relationship with his signature weapon has become tempestuous of late. He’s found it unusually heavy at times. At other moments, those who would not be considered worthy of the hammer’s power have been able to wield it with ease. It’s a situation that has Thor distraught.

These troubles began when Thor stepped up to become the new king and all-father of Asgard. Thus, Thor assumes his hammer problems have to do with his new station. He chooses to leave The hammer in the safest place he can imagine: Avengers Mountain, the current home base of Earth’s mightiest heroes. Setting the hammer aside, Thor hopes, will allow him to focus on being a better ruler and less of a warrior. But he may have miscalculated. 

Thor #17 sees Thor summoned to Vanaheim to reunite with his mother Freyja, father Odin, and sister Angela. The adventure starts as a family hunt, with Freyja rechristening herself the God of the Hunt. But Angela is the one that summoned them all there because Thor’s reign on Asgard hasn’t been going smoothly. She makes it clear that Thor needs to get his act together, or she will come and claim the throne of Asgard, which is rightfully hers as the eldest of Odin’s children. 

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