Manga's Version of The Handmaid's Tale is a Cathartic Revenge Story

The manga Hengoku No Schwester is just as brutal as The Handmaid’s Tale but is much more focused on the protagonist exacting revenge.

Fans who might feel crushed by the unshakeable sense of dread in The Handmaid’s Tale would undoubtedly enjoy the manga Hengoku No Schwester. Rather than enslaving and assaulting fertile women, nuns employ other cruel methods to convert the offspring of convicted and hanged witches. But not all of these girls are as accepting of their fate as June Osborne.

In The Handmaid’s Tale, religious fanatics form the totalitarian patriarchal theocracy known as Gilead during a time in the modern world when fertilization is low to enact policies that use portions of the Bible to justify enslaving fertile women known as Handmaidens to give birth for their society’s high-ranking Commanders. Some Handmaidens have been brainwashed into accepting their fate or are too afraid to fight back due to the physical torture they would undoubtedly endure for their heretical insolence. The select few who dare rebel, including June Osborne who strives to get back to her family who escaped Gilead, work from the shadows while maintaining a convincing façade of holy compliance and devotion.

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