Making Quantum of Solace Was A Sh-t Show, Says Daniel Craig

Ahead of the release of No Time to Die, Daniel Craig opens up about working on Quantum of Solace and provides some blunt thoughts on the process.

Daniel Craig has spoken out about his time on Quantum of Solace and recently referred to the process of making the film as a “sh-t show.” The actor is currently preparing for the release of No Time to Die, which will wrap up his time as James Bond. Currently, Craig has the longest continuous tenure of any actor in the role. Daniel Craig first stepped into the role of James Bond back in 2006 with the debut of Casino Royale.

A full reboot and origin story in the vein of Batman Begins, Casino Royale presented audiences with a younger and less experienced Bond. That film’s story picked back up in 2008 with the debut of Quantum of Solace, which started mere minutes after the conclusion of Casino Royale and saw Bond take on the mysterious organization known as Quantum in a quest for revenge following the death of Vesper Lynd (Eva Green). At the time of its release, the film wasn’t received as well as Casino Royale, and the Quantum-focused storyline was largely dropped when the franchise pivoted to Skyfall in 2012. Eventually, the series did some minor retconning by the time Spectre debuted in 2015, revealing that Quantum was a subdivision of the larger SPECTRE terrorist organization.

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