Lost Judgment: All Kappa Statue Locations

Lost Judgment has many side cases, some of which require players to gather collectibles. There are 7 Kappa Statues to locate and collect in the game.

Lost Judgment gives players the chance to flex their detective skills as they uncover secrets surrounding a violent murder. As Takayuki Yagami, players will fight enemies, chase down leads, and use the detective toolkit to complete the main story mission and side cases. Lost Judgement has an abundance of mysteries to solve, including finding and interacting with 56 different Squirrel Graffiti.

There are 42 side cases to complete in Lost Judgment. Some involve tracking down leads on UFOs or missing items, while others will have players searching for collectibles, or making a cat friend. “Where the Kappa Roam” is an early side case in Lost Judgment where players must look for Kappa statues in Yokohama.

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