Lego Super Mario Kicks Off 2021 With A Bunch Of New Sets

The already expansive Lego Super Mario line expands even more come January 1, with the launch of a new series of character packs, Tanuki and Penguin Mario power-up packs, three new expansions, and a new creative toolbox called the Master Your Adventure Maker Set.

Now that kids of all ages have figured out how to follow Lego Super Mario instructions, it’s time to get creative. That’s where the $60 Master Your Adventure Maker Set comes in. It’s 366 pieces of level-expanding bits, including a new start pipe that challenges players to make it through levels in less time for greater coin rewards. It’s also got Iggy Koopa in it. He’s the best.

Three new expansion sets also join the lineup in January. There’s the $40 Wiggle’s Poison Swamp set, the $30 Piranha Plant’s Puzzling Challenge, and the $20 Chain Chomp Jungle Encounter.

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