Lego Super Mario Is A Weird New Way To Play With Lego

The partnership between Nintendo and Lego, two of the world’s most popular family-friendly entertainment brands, has born fruit. Lego Super Mario is an odd amalgam of gaming and building that requires a healthy imagination to be enjoyed to its fullest.

The Lego Super Mario launch lineup is massive and hard to find. Since launching earlier this month, stores across the country have been selling out of the expansion sets, Mario power-up kits, and blind-bagged characters that make collecting the whole set cost upwards of $600. We grabbed a copy of the $60 starter set from Lego’s online shop and got to building.

The Adventures with Mario starter course is required for any other Lego Super Mario sets to function. The 231 piece set is the only way to procure Mario himself, an electronic figure with LED eyes, mouth, and chest as well as a built-in speaker for playing music and reacting to actions like jumping on a Goomba’s head or stepping in lava.

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