Keanu Reeves Fans Just Got Excellent News About BRZRKR

If you like graphic novel adaptations — especially based on graphic novels that are ultra-violent to the point of absurdity — here’s some good news. Keanu Reeves has given an update on the status of the “BRZRKR” live-action movie’s production.

The “BRZRKR” comics came out earlier this year, and it was co-created and written by Reeves and Matt Kindt, with artist Ron Garney providing the visuals, and Bill Crabtree the coloring. The 12-issue series follows a man known only as “B,” a half-mortal, half-deity, who is hired by the U.S. Government to take on its most dangerous and violent assignments, while also trying to learn the truth of his origins. After launching on Kickstarter, it went on to receive almost $1.5 million from its backers.

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