Kang’s New Adventure Proves the MCU Is Right To Change His Origin

While the MCU pits Kang against his variants, the comics use his younger selves, and Fantastic Four #35 proves that idea has little more to give.

Warning: contains spoilers for Fantastic Four #35!

In Fantastic Four #35, Kang the Conqueror‘s newest adventure proves that the MCU was right to change his origins for Marvel’s Loki. Rather than facing the same version of himself on different points of the same timeline (leading to confusing paradoxes and pointless conflict), the MCU’s Kang is instead dealing with variants from different timelines and realities, which will make potential coming conflicts much more dynamic and interesting as a result. In contrast, the latest gathering of Kangs in Marvel Comics only serves to make Kang himself look foolish.

In Marvel’s Loki, the God of Mischief and his variant Sylvie encountered He Who Remains, the being behind the TVA, whose variants include Kang the Conqueror and other versions from different timelines. However, while he had managed to keep his variants contained to prevent another multiversal war, Sylvie murdering He Who Remains has potentially led to Kang the Conqueror altering the sacred timeline so that he now controls the TVA instead, marking the beginning of new multiversal mayhem in the MCU. While this isn’t exactly simple, the idea of many different versions of Kang fighting for supremacy is more suited to cinematic storytelling than the current status quo in the comics, where Kang competes with his own time-displaced selves (who will one day become him), some of which are no longer technically part of his timeline.

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