Kaliber Gaming’s Opto-Mechanical Keyboard Looks Sharp, Literally

I don’t normally go for gaming keyboards with fancy shapes, but there’s something sleek and dangerous about Kaliber Gaming’s HVER Pro X optical-mechanical gaming keyboard. It’s probably the jagged sheet of aluminum screwed atop its otherwise unassuming plastic frame.

The underside of the $90 HVER Pro X is the black plastic rectangle of a keyboard base. The thin, shaped, brushed aluminum plate that’s characteristic of most Kaliber Gaming keyboards is screwed on top. The switches, custom optical-mechanical dealios designed with a pleasing tactical bump similar to Cherry MX Browns, are inserted through the metal plate and soldered in place. It’s like a basic plastic keyboard wearing metal armor. It’s sturdy with little flex. If you dropped it on your bare foot, there’s a good chance it would leave a large gash.

I like the design, even its nonsensical design bits. Why the grooves on the top? What are those two holes for? Should I thread a chain through them and wear the keyboard like a necklace? What about those cutouts on the bottom? Is that to make it easier for someone with tiny legs to hold the keyboard on their lap? I’m pretty sure I could use the logo badge piece in the top center to open a beer. I don’t drink beer, it’s just a feeling I get.

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