Kaguya-sama: Love Is War Will Reportedly Start Final Arc Soon

When it comes to rom-coms, few series in anime are more popular than Kaguya-sama: Love Is War. The slice-of-life comedy took over the fandom when its first season debuted back in 2019, and its hype has only grown. But if a new rumor is true, it seems like Kaguya-sama: Love Is War might be ending before much longer.

The rumor has made its way online courtesy of bigger pages like MangaMoguraRE. It was there fans were told the hit manga by Aka Akasaka will likely take on its final arc soon. The exact rumor suggests the manga will kickstart the final arc at the end of October when one of its next chapters goes live.

At this point, no official word has been given on the rumor. Weekly Young Jump has said nothing about the report, so fans will have to wait until the magazine brings out one of its next issues.

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