Justice League: A Key Lois Lane Scene Proves She's A Hero (And Fixes A Plot Hole)

Among the differences between the two versions of Justice League, Lois Lane’s portrayal in the Snyder Cut is more heroic, and removes a plot hole.

Lois Lane’s heroism is showcased much more vividly in one major scene in Zack Snyder’s Justice League compared to the theatrical cut. Now out on home media after dropping on HBO Max and international streamers earlier this year, the Snyder Cut pulled back the curtain on how different Snyder’s Justice League is from the last-minute Frankenstein that came and went in 2017. Comparing the two versions side-by-side, it remains astonishing how much the theatrical version veered off from what the movie began as, along with how much more fleshed out and three-dimensional the major characters now are.

Amy Adams’ Lois Lane shows that the Justice League themselves weren’t the only characters to be presented two different ways in both Joss Whedon’s theatrical cut and Zack Snyder’s revised version. During the Heroes Park battle, for instance, the Snyder Cut shows Lois to be a far more autonomous and courageous character than the original release. While both versions place her as the one who successfully manages to bring Henry Cavill’s Superman back to his senses, how this happens plays out quite differently in each film – even creating a plot hole in the 2017 theatrical cut.

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