Jason Blum Confirms the Blumhouse Films He’d Like to Adapt for TV Series

Over the past decade, Blumhouse Productions has dominated the world of horror like no other studio, not only expanding their films into sequels and prequels, but also embracing concepts from a movie into TV series, with founder Jason Blum recently detailing how he’d like to see Sinister be adapted into a series. The filmmaker also confirmed that a TV series inspired by the Leigh Whannell film Upgrade was still in the works, with his remarks about developing that sci-fi/action film into a TV series seemingly revealing that the project hasn’t officially started moving forward, despite reports previously emerging about its seemingly confirmed status.

“I’d love to make a show of Upgrade. I’ve been working on that for some time. Hopefully we’ll figure that out,” Blum confirmed with “I think Sinister would make a great television show. I think that would be fun to do. There are others, too. We have four or five that I think would be great to explore in either ongoing series or maybe just a limited series.”

Sinister focuses on true-crime author Ellison Oswalt (Ethan Hawke) discovering footage in his new home that features the murders of the family who used to live there, as well as footage of other ghastly deaths. His investigation leads him to discover the demon Bughuul, who is said to kill entire families but leave one child alive to feed on their soul.

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