Jakks’ Super Mario Bowser Airship Is The Toy Boat I’ve Always Wanted

Coming this fall from Nintendo and Jakks Pacific, the $40 Super Mario deluxe Bowser Ship playset plays the airship theme as the 2.5-inch plumber climbs aboard to wreak havoc.

Announced today in honor of this week’s MAR10 holiday, the Bowser Ship is a proper toy playset for proper plastic Mario toys. There’s no Lego funny business here, no gimmicks unless you count the electronic music, spinning propellers, and rocking wheels. It’s got Bowser’s face in front and, just in case, another Bowser face in the back, in case you’ve forgotten whose ship it is by the time you reach the back.

The airship also offers a nice bit of utility for Mario figure collectors, with plenty of room inside to cram all the figures they keep collecting. It’s a mobile toy deployment platform.

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